It’s raining outside
And I’m writing right now
The drazzle is about to change
To be another heavy rain..

Little thunder comes
I keep writing.
Another little thunder shown
Still keep writing..

Then it’s a big thunder
I try to ignore
Then suddenly a lot of them!
I know I feel scared
But, I keep writing.

Clouds go darker
Breeze is coming
Throwing themselves away
Right through me..

I see light
One, two seconds
Big thunders come along!!
Shout from different ways
They screaming and screaming!!!!
Like they want us to know
Who have the day!
What can damage things right now!!
As they want
They look so.. STRONG
Shivering me
Shaking things around
Trees can’t stop moving
And alarms start begging help
But thunders won’t stop!
They keep making all afraid
Until they  satisfied
Like I said, as they want
Suddenly they get me in silence
I’m scared
I stop writing.

But hey..
Something own these thunders
Something stronger, The Strongest.
He’s own everything
Not except you
Not except earth
Not except life
He’s The One you should afraid of
Because these thunder
Are so tiny of His Power
I just can’t imagine the day
When He shows His madness
Who can imagine?


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