Bakti Sosial ke Panti Sosial Asuhan Al Kautsar

kemaren tuh, abis syura’ nlyc di kortim, rasanya badan ini mau lepas sendi2nya.. beneran, pegel parah.. karena beberapa hari ini jadwal saya fullday, pergi pagi pulang malem (beuh..)

tapi ga tau kenapa, rsanya pengen aja pergi bakti sosial.. tadinya sih niatnya pengen ketemu temen2 nlyc yang ngangenin.. udah beberapa minggu berlalu, cuma kontak via dunia maya doang. kan ga puas.. hehe..ditambah lagi kalimat bapak presiden yg bilang, “hanya sedikit orang-orang sampai akhir acara baksos ini..” dan,  jadi bulatlah niat saya untuk pergi baksos ke lembang. dan memang, peserta yang ikut ke lembang semakin sedikit. after realizing that few of my girls didn’t come up to the venue instead.. but some other people surprisingly went too.. how crowd was, and i loved it.

then, an hour just passed by. i can feel an attractive feeling when i played with them, those children.. i remember the things, which made me feel that i’m not different from them. i am same, we’re similar, our destiny, but just i am more lucky. therefore, i better ask myself, have i thank for it? i don’t wanna be more melancholic than this. so, i tried to just smelled the happiness. those smiles, those laughs, those blinks, those happiness, even those lies, and those blablablas, i just wanted to be happy tonight. besides, for going to this place, i did have to sacrifice some important meetings, i’m so sorry for that.

nothing more that i want than a happiness like this. just like this. with those kids, those babies, i can feel somethings. a lot of things! maybe you might not know if you’re not like me. but one thing that i obviously felt was, the fatigue has fading away while those happiness appearing in.. i can absolutely free my mind from things i have thought lately. i know i definitely need situation where i can be a weary one in the time i be the fine one. the fine isn’t about when i think i should be fine. no! but it’s make me really fine even i don’t think i’m fine. it should automatically fine me.

i wanna find another time like that. happy, while i’m weary. not i’m weary but i should happy. describe it yourself, we may have different sight of describing maybe. nevertheless, you need to know and do the things make you happy while you weary. it goes our backs rouge again, trust me!

Baksos NLYC 2010 Peduli

Lembang, 13 Februari 2010

PSA Al-Kautsar Indonesia


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