floreció de nuevo

I’m caught in the middle. In the grayish zone. Wishing to live in white, but curious -no, to be honest I’m not curious, but something else- to stay a while in black.

It’s not about the way I’m walking, it’s about the sidewalks. Sidewalks which identify my way. Or maybe the trees which shades the gray. Or maybe it’s love, which passionate the creeper to run and fly.

This feeling fades in (again) after time it has been frozen by order. Exactly by fright, my fright, or maybe our fright. Another option is our obedient. I don’t know.

Like ocean’s tidal, this come and go as it likes. Once leaving trails on sand, waving grits in loneliness. Once dancing under the moonlight, kissing like the froths. Unstable.

I always see you in front of these eyes, whether the hands never agree. They don’t feel anything. But this brain shouts loud, “you’re there,” he said like crazy. And finally eyes sulk and  melt, “illusion is pain.”

Strong is expensive. Makes me wonder the time I have waited, to be so speechless. I know, we know it’s hard. But I’m sure, we sure we can. Once again, it’s hard while this ignorance means bliss. Just consider the heed this time as a fortune.

Live it happily, cause happy is love. And love is obedient.

I trust on you.


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